“Arts education is not only key to developing an innovative mindset, but it also helps to build empathy and social resilience in us as a society. Technological advances in the last two decades have changed the form, the functions and the delivery of the arts to audiences around the world. The pandemic has further hastened this process. How can we - as artists, educators, consumers and as civil society – ensure that the core of the arts is still maintained as expressions of human creativity, as voices for love and peace, and as ties that connect generations and communities, while we navigate the uncertainties of the future?”

Dr. Aline Wong, Board Director, Temasek Foundation Cares

SOTA is proud to present the Arts in Education Forum (AEF), supported by Temasek Foundation. The AEF provides a platform for the sharing of educational approaches, promising practices, classroom inquiry and research. We hope to bring together a community who is invested in our shared commitment to nurture young creative minds, values and dispositions for the future. Whether you are an educator, teaching artist, community partner, policy maker, creative thinker, or cultural change leader, we welcome you and members of your organisation to be part of the AEF!

AEF 2022

30 to 31 May 2022

(Virtual and in-person)

Set aside these dates!


31 May 2022


Idea Labs

27, 30 and 31 May 2022

(Virtual and in-person)


23 May 2022 Onwards


The theme of the forum is 'Nurturing Creative Citizens for a Disrupted Future'. The main Forum will be held in a hybrid format from 30-31 May. Over these 2 days, there will be 3 keynote speeches followed by real-time virtual panel discussions. The keynote speeches are

The Arts in the
Disrupted Future

Mr Aaron Maniam
Deputy Secretary, Industry & Information, Ministry of Communication and Information

The Arts in

Dr Flossie Chua
Principal Investigator, Harvard Graduate School of Education

The Arts in
Civic Society

Ms Kam Ning
Violinist, Professor,
Yehudi Menuhin School

The forum will also feature, panel discussions, video presentations, idea labs and workshops, exploring the following strands:

Strand 1:
Interdisciplinary Learning
To stimulate deep learning and creativity through interdisciplinary curriculum design
Strand 2:
Arts Education in Practice
To foster cultures of thinking through innovative approaches
Strand 3:
Technology in Education
To leverage technology in contemporary education
Strand 4:
Cultural Leadership
To nurture leadership and character through arts and culture

Do look out for a series of video presentations featuring promising educational practices, classroom inquiry and research according to the 4 strands above!

Through a series of workshops SOTA’s arts faculties will share their expertise and provide insights to their pedagogical approaches.

Last but not least, in order to bring in an experimental, process-driven approach to this Forum, SOTA will host 3 Idea Labs:

Idea Lab 1 - Exploring Approaches to Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning
Idea Lab 2 - Pushing the Frontiers of Technology in Education for a Disrupted Future
Idea Lab 3 - Nurturing Cultural Leadership in Our Youths

These Labs seek to bring together people with a desire to investigate an educational idea- to unpack, examine, extend, and build a pedagogical framework/schema around this idea. The Idea Labs will employ processes gleaned from innovation protocols, thinking routines, devised theatre, and other artistic improvisatory methods. The modes of engagement include critical discourse, creative prototyping, and reflective consolidation.

The Idea Labs and the workshops will be held in-person at School of the Arts (Singapore) from 27 May- 31 May.

Registration for the conference is free. We hope to see you there!

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